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1. [verb] to laugh at someone and make jokes in order to have fun by embarrassing them, either in a friendly way or in an unkind way
The kids tease Annie because she is always late to school.

Definition from the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th Edition.

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Stereotype [noun]:
1. a belief or idea about what a particular type of person or thing is like. Stereotypes are often unfair or untrue.
His jokes often depend on cultural stereotypes.

Definition from the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th Edition.


1. changing what you say according to who you are talking to, in a way that is insincere and unpleasant (used to show disapproval)
He’s a two-faced liar.
I've never met anyone so two-faced: she's sweet and charming to your face, and then goes and complains about you to the teacher!

Definition from the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th Edition.


This definition was taken from the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th Edition.

1. [countable]: an object or piece of information that helps someone solve a crime or mystery. 
2. [uncountable]: information that helps you understand the reasons why something happens. 
3. [uncountable]: a piece of information that helps you solve a crossword puzzle, answer a question etc. 

Idiom of the month

Build bridges

Build bridges

To try to establish a better relationship between people who do not like each other.
Example: Peter needs to try and build bridges with Lizzie because they have to work on an important school project together.

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Never judge a book by its cover

You should not judge someone or something based only on their appearance. What is inside is more important.
Example: We were not happy at first when Nolan joined our basketball team. He was so short! How could he possibly play well? But to our surprise, he was actually better than everyone else! We now know to never judge a book by its cover.

Put on a Brave Face

To pretend that you are happy and that the problem doesn't bother you, when you are really very upset.
Example: Greg was sad after his best friend moved away, but he put on a brave face for his classmates.

To get cold feet

To suddenly get too scared to do something that was planned.
Example: He cancelled the wedding because he got cold feet.

Reader of the month

Billy Elliot

Eleven-year old Billy Elliot is different from other boys. He is not very clever or good at sport. Then, one day, he discovers ballet dancing. Finally he has found something that he can do well. But everybody knows that ballet is for girls, not boys! Will Billy continue to dance? Or have his father and brother got other plans for him?

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