New Primary Teaching Files

Do you have a great passion for teaching English?


If your answer is “Yes”, don’t miss out on these two new books, given to teachers who chose Billy Bot - Stories for Super Citizens.
They will give you a wealth of resources to share with your students!

by Valeria Sacco

Why two books?

The books are divided by classes 1-2-3 and classes 4 and 5 of the primary school, because it is important to focus the methodology on digital skills, and consider the pace students need to build competency in English.
Competences are a perfect blend of skills, knowledge and attitudes with a valid collaboration and cooperation between teacher and students in a new dimension of successful learning.

What is “New Primary Teaching Files”?

New Primary Teaching Files is a great resource for Primary School Teachers and a book that gives you the opportunity to improve all four language skills:


with particular attention to collaboration and inclusion.

I would like to focus your attention on what makes New Primary Teaching Files such a great resource. Both books are full of wonderful materials and ideas I hope you’ll like.
In New Primary Teaching Files you can find different sections:

  • General English: based on simple tasks to revise all four skills, to expand lexis and structures and to revise phonics.
  • Life and Traditions: London and UK in both books - one of my favourite sections - with many worksheets about London, the UK, the Royal Family, London Museums… to bring children closer to British culture. A selection of pages about the USA and Australia in Level 4-5, with many activities about American and Australian life and traditions.
  • Art and crafts: a lot of amazing activities that will help your students improve drawing, colouring and cutting. They will for use their creativity and learn English with the learning-by-doing methodology.
  • IT: a section with many worksheets, activities and exercises on how to use the new technologies in the age of Digital Natives.
  • Festivities: the most important Festivals in the UK and the USA such as
    Halloween, Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and many more.
  • Citizenship: where I am pleased to share some of the projects I have worked on with my pupils in recent years and some new projects I think you’ll really like! Among the topics are: Recycling, Global Warming; Diversity and inclusion. I don’t want to give away too much at the moment, I’d love you and your students to feel the same suspense my pupils feel when they see I’m going to give them a new worksheet!
  • Songs: some of the most popular among traditional songs from the UK and the USA that you and your students can sing in class or at home with their families, thanks to the QRcodes. Songs are an important way to understand British and American culture.
  • The Teacher’s Notes will help you find ideas for scaffolding, organizing your lessons or the children’s homework in a very easy way.

How can you use New Primary Teaching Files?

You can use it with your students in class, you can use the worksheets as homework or during DDI (Didattica Digitale Integrata).
You can find worksheets to improve reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Here you can download two ready-to-use worksheets.
Christmas >>
London >>

The following teaching notes will help you to get the best out of them!

You can use this worksheet with your students to teach/revise Christmas lexis, but also to revise colours.

Here are some of the activities you can do:

  • you can start with a speaking activity, showing children the pictures on the page (or some flashcards) and asking them:

T: What is it?
S: It’s a …
T: What colour is it?
S: It’s …
T: Can you tell me the shape?
S: Yes, It’s a …

Here’s another activity: put all the Christmas flashcards on the teacher’s desk, call a student to choose one flashcard and describe it orally without showing it, the other students have to try and understand what the word is.
You can then ask your students to read and colour the worksheet and check that they have done it properly in pairs or with the teacher.

(Thanks to Joanna Carter and Sarah Gudgeon, co-authors of New PTFiles, for this Christmas worksheet)

London, places to visit

This worksheet is from the Life and Traditions File. It’s a nice way of introducing all the places you can visit when in London. You can photocopy the worksheet for your pupils, but don’t ask them to glue it into their exercise books. If you have flashcards about London, you can hide them around the class and give directions to the children to find them: go straight on, turn left, turn right and so on. Once all the flashcards have been found, you can ask the students to colour the places on the worksheet. At the end of the activity, you could draw on the board a part of one of the monuments and have the children guess what it is and complete the drawing.

T: What is it?
S: It’s …
T: Where you can find it on your London map?
S: I can find it …

If you want to make this activity even more complete, I suggest you involve your students in building a 3D London map using the map on the worksheet. They can cut the places from the worksheet and stick them standing on the map with some carboard on the back.

Great extra topics

My aim in this book is to introduce students to important topics, such as: global warming, recycling, diversity and inclusion, multiculturalism… all these are important themes as they are part of the UN Agenda 2030 and also part of Citizenship in the new primary school curriculum.

… so open the books and take your time choosing from a vast selections of materials, then let me know which are your favourites. If you need some help, take a look at the Teacher’s Notes.

Remember: your students are what you teach them! Educate your students to be better citizens!

Don’t forget that you are taking care of your students, helping them to grow into tolerant, patient, respectful, lovely, kind people and leaders of the future.

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Valeria Sacco is a primary school teacher, teacher trainer, editorial consultant and writer. She is co-author of New Primary Teaching Files 1-2-3 and New Primary Teaching Files 4-5 (Pearson, 2021) You can follow her on:

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