Looking forward: Tools and strategies for building successful ELT learning solutions

The world of ELT is changing. It brings new challenges for schools, teachers and students. Classes need to be dynamic and motivating to keep the attention of students At Pearson we are constantly working to keep pace with the changing ELT environment, as well as to offer new solutions which may help your schools to be innovative in many ways. 

Donatella FitzgeraldJeanne PerrettBrigette HughesMargaret O’Keefe, Lindsay Warwick will partecipate.

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Jeanne Perrett

Teaching English to our youngest students: Where to start?

When we are teaching learners aged three to six, we have two main language aims: to help the children feel comfortable in an English-speaking environment and for them to understand and then use very small amounts of language. The relatively short attention span of our youngest learners and the fact that we do not usually, at this stage, introduce reading or writing can make this seem challenging. In this webinar, using examples from My Disney Stars and Friends, we will look at how we can achieve the goals of early language acquisition and confidence by playing, singing, chanting, storytelling, listening, speaking and doing practical, focused activities in organised and flexible lessons.

Donatella Fitzgerald

Teaching Shared Values in the young learners' classroom

By teaching young learners’ values we can help them develop better, find their place in society and improve their social skills. In this practical workshop we look at how themes in the fictional worlds of Disney stories can provide a springboard to teaching key values and Global Citizenship in an engaging way in the English Language Classroom. We also look at how young learners can relate these values to their own lives. Ideas and activities to use in class will be used from the new Disney Kids Readers and My Disney Stars and Friends.

Brigette Hughes

An introduction to Pearson English International Certificate - Young Learners

In this session we will look at Pearson's Young Learner exams and how they offer an student-friendly introduction to international certification. We will discuss all aspects of this four-skills, four-level exam suite and which Pearson courseware can help you to prepare your students.




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Margaret O’Keefe

Teaching soft skills in the business English classroom

As teachers we want to help our learners develop the skills they need to become effective communicators in English at work. This requires a balanced approach to teaching both English language competencies and the essential soft skills that everyone needs to succeed in their professions. This webinar will focus on activities to teach soft skills so that we can bridge the gap between the English classroom and the world of work.

Lindsay Warwick

A Formula for speaking exam preparation

In this session, we'll reflect on what good practice in Cambridge speaking tasks is, and how we can help learners to recognise this good practice. We'll look at some activities that can engage learners, help them put good practice into effect, and make incremental progress in their speaking skills. All of this helps learners to build confidence ready for the speaking section of their exam. We'll use materials from Pearson's exam series Formula.

Brigette Hughes

An introduction to Pearson English International Certificate Computer-Based Test

In this session we will look at Pearson's General English computer-based exams and how you can offer your students an English test at 24 hour's notice. We will also look at how teachers can use our new digital testing tools to prepare students with confidence.