Italian SYmposium on Digital Education (ISYDE)

ISYDE is the new yearly conference organized by the Italian e-Learning Society (SIe-L) in line with previous conferences (e.g. EMEMITALIA) that broadens the focus from e-Learning and media education to Digital Education in a wider meaning as a concern emerging from recent years’ experiences and research.The conference addresses and debates the major transformations induced by technologies in the processes of training, learning, continuing education and knowledge construction as well as citizenship and interpersonal relations.

SIe-L - Società Italiana di e-Learning (The Italian e-Learning Association)

SIe-L is a scientific non-profit association founded in 2004 that aims to develop research and good practices in e-Learning and Digital Education, especially in Italy.It focuses on promoting effective online teaching and learning experiences, producing scientific publications and organizing events to promote technological training solutions, defining the scientific-professional profiles on e-Teaching and e-Learning, establishing research groups and projects, and fostering interaction and synergy between public and private, national, European, and international centers and bodies.