Ideas for using Lap Books

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Ideas and activity for introducing Lap Books in the Primo Ciclo


This article examine the efficacy of Lap Books and how they can help students learning and give examples of Lap Books and suggest ways on how to use them as part of the classroom routine and curriculum.

di Donatella Fitzgerald

Why are lap books useful learning tools in the English Primary Classroom?
A Lap Book is a 3D organizer and it is a useful teaching tool in the Inclusive Classroom. Lap Books help student remember and review information more easily and they personalize learning. Students are active participants in the lesson and they promote cooperative learning. Studies show that when children are given hands on activities to learn while they study they will retain more information. help children retain the information they are learning.

Why is it called a Lap Book?
Because it is a folder that fits in a child’s lap!

What is a Lap Book?
A Lap Book has a cover and inside you can stick mini books and templates. Students can personalize their Lap Books and they are useful to help students remember key concepts, vocabulary and content of the lesson. They are useful for revision, consolidation. Lap books can be made by students individually or as a group activity.

How do I make a Lap Book?

  1. Collect your materials:
       – a folder
       – templates
  2. Decide on your topic and the title of the lap book
  3. Fold the cover into two or three
  4. Decide on the topics of the mini books in side
  5. Give students photocopies of the templates
  6. Students cut out the templates
  7. Students make up the mini books
  8. Students stick the mini books and templates in the lap books

When can I use lap Books?
Ideas for using Lap Books in the English Primary Classroom

  1. CLIL Lessons : History, Geography, Science, Mathematics
  2. Festivals: Winter and Autumn, Spring and Summer. Christmas, Hallowe’en, Mothers day, Father’s day
  3. A lap book about your favorite graded reader
  4. Topics in your course book e.g classroom objects
  5. Summary of key vocabulary from one school year
  6. Lap Books can be a springboard for communication as students use the Lap Book as a prompt for speaking

Where Can I use Lap Books?
Lap Books can be used both in class as a study tool or taken home.
Students can take their Lap Books home and show their families.
They can store their Lap Books in a ring binder file.
You can also organize a Lap Book festival in your school at the end of your school where your students display their lap books and you invite the parents and other classes to see them. Students can talk about their Lap Books.

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Donatella Fitzgerald is a Pearson ELT Sales Manager, a teacher and a teacher trainer.